History of OGK KABUTO Co.,Ltd. 

September, 1948
Established “OSAKA GRIP MFG. Co., Ltd. (current OGK Co., Ltd.)”

September, 1970
Starting a Business as Utility Sales Dept. of OSAKA GRIP MFG. Co., Ltd.

September, 1982
Established “OGK HANBAI Co., Ltd.”
Independent from OSAKA GRIP MFG. Co., Ltd.
Started Production and Sales of Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets

November, 1986
Relocated the Head Office in Mikuriya, Higashi-Osaka City

Opened a Helmet Factory in Nagata, Higashi-Osaka City

February, 1997
Started Helmet Production in Qingdao, Chengyang District, China

February, 2006
Opened a Distribution Center in Kizuri, Higashi-Osaka City

July, 2006
Renamed the Company Name into “OGK KABUTO Co., Ltd.”
Relocated the Head Office in Nagata, Higashi-Osaka City

December, 2006
Renamed the Factory in Qingdao into Qingdao KABUTO Safety Product Co., Ltd.

July, 2011
Established “KABUTO EUROPE B.V.”
Located in Den Haag, The Netherlands
To establish and expand business in Europe