Safety performance to protect people’s life.

Safety performance is the lifeline of a helmet and our infinite theme. KABUTO utilizes their technical strength and feedback from laboratory experimentation into creating new products. By repeating severe tests, KABUTO has been working on developing high-tech products.

With the impact absorption test we seek safety to the outmost by using different kind of dummy head forms. Also penetration tests and retention system tests are carried out repeatedly to match homologation standards, as ECE, SNELL and DOT.

 “Our mission, putting maximum importance on safety, may appear as an on going job. I believe, however, that research is persistently progressing and expanding and this continual effort has demonstrated that safety design can never be imitated. A thorough quality control is carried out on all components prior and during the production process. Once the product is assembled further inspections with random sampling are implemented. All these procedures are put in place to avoid producing defective products. Our mission is to put the maximum energy into “safety performance”.

Mr. Hideaki Oka
Technological Development Div. Assistant Manager