From Just a Gear to a Part of Your Body

Design and form that attract people are always changing by time. Shape is not only a matter of appearance, it’s also about function and comfort. The desires of customers shifted ”From Just a Gear to a Part of Your Body.”

Prototypes are created based on a design study and subsequently the data is verified with advanced digital technology.

“To design invisible “wind”. That is KABUTO’s creativity”

My mission is creating helmets of excellence. As air is the essence of life, a helmet protects life securely in case of emergency. In other words, designing invisible air that protects us. For instance, the world’s first “Top Ventilation System” that KABUTO invented was also the result of our intensive research based on “airflow” and “aerodynamics.” That is what I believe KABUTO’s creativity. In planning meetings, we freely exchange our variety of opinions, but in the end we come to the point that well describes and shows KABUTO’s characteristics. That’s also our style.

Mr. Hiroyuki Minami
Product Development Sec. Assistant Manager